​​Summary of Qualifications:

  • Chairman Emeritus and West Region President, Association for Manufacturing Excellence, AME, 2016-2018
  • Chairman of the Board, AME, 2015-2016
  • Instructor, San Diego State University, Lean Certification
  • Instructor, UCSD, Process Excellence EPSE
  • ​Lead Instructor, Lean Certification, UCSD, 2009-2015
  • Associate, The Karen Martin Group, www.ksmartin.com
  • Examiner, Shingo Institute,  www.shingoprize.org
  • Assessor, AME Excellence Award, www.ame.org
  • Chair, So Cal Lean Network, www.socalleannetwork.org
  • Recipient, AME Excellence Award, 2009, 2010
  • Malcolm Baldrige Examiner, 2007-2008
  • ​Recipient, Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing, 2006
  • ​Recipient, IndustryWeek Top Ten Best Plants, 2005

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For us, it's all about making our clients as successful as possible. We strive to help our customers achieve the organizational excellence that they are seeking.


Jerry M. Wright, the CEO and President of LEANwRIGHT, Inc. has been practicing Lean and Continuous Improvement since 1987. Over his thirty-five years in industry, he has personally led over 1,500 Kaizen Events. In 2016, he received the distinction of the highest level of Lean certification receiving his LEAN GOLD CERTIFICATION from the Joint Certification Alliance of AME, ASQ, SME and the Shingo Institute. He was only the 7th person in the world to achieve this honor. Jerry recently received his Lean Master Black Belt Certification, from LEAN Applications, Inc. 

​Jerry has been an instructor at both UC San Diego and San Diego State. He is a UCSD certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt,  ​a veteran Kaizen Facilitator and Lean Coach.  He was also a contributing author to the LEAN HANDBOOK, a Guide to the Lean Bronze Certification.

LEANwRIGHT, Inc. is a consulting services company dedicated to improving processes and improving the lives of its clients through lean thinking, continuous improvement and a focus on the pursuit of excellence. It was founded by Jerry M. Wright, PE, MBA in 2013 to help people and their organizations improve value to their customers, reduce waste and achieve enterprise excellence. Click here to see case studies and our results. How can we help you achieve your goals?

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We take an approach that uses Lean and Lean Six Sigma principles in a collaborative, adult learning environment. This ensures that all can apply their learning effectively.


See what our clients say about LEANwRIGHT:

Chad Dale, SVP, COO (OrthoClinical Diagnostics):

Jerry is different than most consultants in that he has an amazing ability to work with employees from all skillsets and motivate even the most pessimistic employee to achieve a challenging goal.  He embraces the true essence of collaborative teamwork to achieve a common goal, and his positive approach to problem solving enables success throughout an organization. My experience working with Jerry has always been very positive.  He puts in the time to ensure everyone is aligned to the targets established at the start of each day/project, and works diligently to often exceed expectations. He truly makes memorable impacts in the projects that he is a part of.

Bianca Lewis, Sales Operations Trainer (DJO, Inc.):

I probably never got a chance to really tell you how much of an impression you made on me.  I also loved the lean classes you presented. They were awesome and really broke Lean way down to everyday life.  I think I talk about you to new hires at least once a week. You were one of my mentors without even realizing it. Thank you for starting me on my Lean journey!

Matthew Cook, COO (The Keefe Group/Keefe Supply Co):

Results and creditability-Jerry has driven results in several diverse environments from service businesses to distribution and manufacturing environments. Jerry’s background brings instant credibility since he has built lean transformation programs from scratch to salvaging them when they have gone off the rails. Jerry drives results at every stage of a lean journey. In addition to Jerry’s deep domain knowledge, he is exceptionally approachable. Both a teacher and coach, he is able to craft his message to make the  maximum impact for his audience. His strengths allow him to effectively communicate to line level employees and to senior executives.

Larry Herrmann, IT Services Manager (formerly w/GIA):

Jerry is different than many other process improvement leaders I have worked with. Jerry walks the walk each and every day, in everything I’ve seen him do. I had the pleasure to work with Jerry during Kaizen events simple and complex and he always applies the same methodology. It was always a pleasure working with Jerry. He was always patient, professional and willing to mentor anyone who asked. I learned a great deal from working alongside Jerry on multiple Kaizen events. His experience, industry contacts and personality make him a top leader in the field.

Maya Gowri, LSS Master Black Belt (Illumina):
Upon enrolling in the Lean Enterprise Certification program which Jerry instructed, I knew nothing of Lean or Manufacturing. While his technical knowledge from his years of experience was very apparent, it was his remarkable ability to convey the material in an easily understandable way that makes him a phenomenal teacher.  He is very approachable and has a great personality that helps him connect with people easily.  Jerry is a Lean expert who has many years of experience in Lean business transformation and operations. He was instrumental in me pursuing a career in manufacturing. Since the Lean class, he has become an important mentor to me and is always available when I need advice for my continuous improvement journey for which I am very grateful.