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LEANwRIGHT specializes in preparation, development and implementation of Lean Strategies for organizations. Using the Lean Strategy Deployment (aka Line of Sight) method, chaos is turned into order and tactical plans and scorecards create a well-aligned organization that can outperform the competition. To see more on this subject, click here.


​Kanban means Visual Signal. Used throughout the current Automotive Industry, Kanban provides lower inventory costs with virtually zero stock-outs compared to MRP and forecast driven systems. LEANwRIGHT has personally led more than a dozen transitions from MRP to Kanban with outstanding results. To learn more about implementing Kanban in your organization, click here


Developed by Dr. Robert "Doc" Hall, PhD, Luke T. Faulstick and Jerry M. Wright, PE, MBA, the World Class Site Assessment provides grading and feedback on twenty key organizational functions. Using the World Class Site Audit, clients can determine their own path toward enterprise excellence using the audit and our Lean Roadmap. The Lean Roadmap also dovetails into our Lean Strategy Deployment and Tactical Plans. For more on the Lean / World Class Site audit, click here.


We can help you determine the best valuation of a business BEFORE you buy it. Using our extensive M&A experience, LEANwRIGHT can help you adjust your purchase price based on the lean potential of the acquired business. We also perform due diligence work for clients. To see our M&A experience, click here.


We can provide a variety of custom services depending on your business or organizational needs. Some of the more popular services that we can provide are:

  • GEMBA Walks and Leader Standard Work
  • ​Lean Medical Office Assessment & Transformation
  • Supplier Scorecard System to elevate supplier capabilities and manage vendor relationships
  • Set-up Reduction (SMED) for Administrative Ops
  • Set-up Reduction (SMED) for Machinery & Equipment
  • Centralized, self-managed Office Supplies systems to provide access while controlling expenses effectively
  • ​Sustainability Program Development and Implementation per Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)guidelines including Waste Stream Mapping
  • Visual Total Productive Maintenance Programs

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